Tools & Equipment

Buffing Pads & Towels


There is an incredibly wide range of buffing pads and towels on the market today. The quality and types of pads and towels used has a dramatic effect on the effectiveness ao any machine buffing and wipe-off procedures as well as the end results. Quality results depend upon quality pads and towels. You cannot get high quality results from worn out, dirty pads and towels.

Polishers & Buffers


All the tools and equipment Hitch's Detailing uses to create high quality results in the hands of professional trained skilled and experienced detailer. We use the following; 

Dual Action Orbital Polishers

Porter Cable - Free spinning or non gear driven drive mechanisms. DA Polishers are very safe tools that offer very good correction and polishing ability and has a low risk of swirls or holograms.

Flex 3401 Dual Action, Forced Rotation Polisher

Unique tool that offers lots of correction and polishing power with low risk of swirls or holograms. The Flex 3401 is a gear driven orbital polisher and unique in the industry.

Rotary Buffer - Rotary Polisher - DeWalt - Rotary buffers offer the most and fastest correction ability but can at the same time impart their own swirl pattern called holograms. 

Steam Cleaning


The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner - offers a versatile cleaning solution. This powerful Tecnovap machine is capable of cleaning and disinfecting faster than traditional methods can. The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner harnesses the power of steam to clean every inch of your vehicle, both inside and out and is also capable of deep cleaning nearly every inch of your vehicle.  The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner offers a low-humidity dry steam system. The Tosca utilizes steam with a 5% humidity content and heats to a maximum temperature of 316° assuring a perfectly clean surface that will dry quickly, eliminating the risk of mold or mildew forming. The high heat disinfects—even killing bedbugs—without the use of chemicals.  With the Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner and all of its accessories Hitch's Detailing will be able to clean your vehicle’s paint, upholstery, rims, engine bay, floor mats, carpeting and more. 


Hot Water Extractor


 The Mytee HP60 Spyder Hot Water Carpet & Upholstery Extractor is a reliable hot water carpet extractor. 

The Mytee HP60 Spyder utilizes a 1200 watt in-line heater with a maximum temperature of 210 degrees Fahrenheit.  The 1200 watt in-line heater paired with the enormous 137 inches of water lift produced by the powerful single 3-stage motor enables the Mytee HP60 Spyder to deep clean carpet and upholstery, ridding it of ground-in dirt, grime and grease. The Mytee HP60 Spyder will surely fulfill all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.