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About Us


About Us

Hitch's Detailing is the Capital District's premium auto detailing and automotive aftermarket car care center that provide all Phases of Automotive Detailing services. Hitch's Detailing are professionally trained and very skilled in detailing and paint restoration in Albany. Hitch's Detailing use the highest quality products and use the best tools and equipment in the industry. 


Fit The Needs Of Our Customers

Whether you are a parent with children, someone always on the go, an automotive dealership, an automotive enthusiast or entering your vehicle in a car show. Hitch's Detailing has a variety of services to offer that will cater to your specific needs and we have the experience to provide superior results.


Come In For A Free Vehicle Evaluation

Not sure what kind of treatment your vehicle needs? Come in for a free evaluation. You will get an honest and informative answer to all your questions.We will explain how you should be taking care of the exterior and interior of your vehicle and the services needed to maintain your vehicle. Hitch's Detailing will take care of your vehicle as if it was our own. Our customers are mostly referral based and once you experience our work, you'll be referring your friends and family.

Our Customers Should Know

Vital To The Long Life Of Your Vehicle

Professional Detailing is very vital to the long life of your vehicle and helps retain its value. Detailing keeps the wear and tear from harsh weather and driving conditions in Upstate NY from doing permanent damage to your ride. Professionally trained technicians are here to intimately take care of your ride and we use only the best products and equipment.

Upkeep Is Necessary

Vehicle owners recognize that a certain measure of upkeep is necessary to maintain safe, efficient and good looking vehicles. Making sure your vehicle is running and handling properly for your safe and comfort is very important. Maintaining your exterior and interior is just as important. One of the ways to protect against environmental damage is to wax your vehicle. Bird Droppings, Brake Dust, Rain, Salt & Sun can take their toll on a vehicle, and waxing can help combat these often inevitable environmental factors. Furthermore, waxing increases resale value at trade-in time and can make it easier to keep your vehicle clean.

Waxing Provides Benefits

Deep Shine: Wax is the easiest way to make a vehicle look brand new again.

Fill In Scratches: While wax will not remove scratches, it can fill in shallow scratches to make them less visible.

Reduce Friction: Car wax smooths the surface of the paint and will reduce the friction between debris and the vehicles exterior.

Catches Contaminants: Airborne contaminants will be trapped in the wax rather than settle into the paint and etch the finish permanently.

Waxing remains an important part of vehicle maintenance, safeguarding a vehicle from the elements while also keeping the vehicle looking new.

Exterior Issues

Clearcoats are Scratch Sensitive

Clearcoat finishes are also easily scratched, this is called Scratch-Sensitive. What this means is although clearcoats tend to be harder than the old school lacquers and enamels used before 1980 and all the way back to the time of the Model T, they still scratch easily and the scratches or swirls are unsightly and cause your vehicle's paint to deteriorate faster than it would without them.

Factory Paint Is Thin

The factory clear coat on most cars is around 2 Mils Thin, thats thinner than the average 3M Post-it Note. If too much clear paint is removed in an effort to remove a deeper defect 100% its possible the vehicle could suffer from clear coat failure down the road due to too thin of a layer of clear paint left on the vehicle. Hire Hitch which is a skilled and knowledgeable detailer and you can trust we will do what is right for the paint and thus do what is right for you our customer.

Deeper Defects

Deeper below surface paint defects, like key scratches and severe Type II Water Spots may be too deep to safely remove. For most vehicles and most people, it is better to learn to trust your detailer to make the judgement call as to which defects to let remain versus trying to remove 100%. Often times thorough compounding and polishing using premium quality products will reduce the visibility of deeper defects to the point that they are a lot less visible and this is the preferred approach for any vehicle that is used as a daily driver, not a sunny-days-only garage

Just Had Your Vehicle Detailed

Hitch's Detailing can restored your vehicle to like new condition, learn how to keep it that way. Most swirls and scratches build-up over time from improper washing and drying techniques. We recommend you get on a MAINTENANCE  PROGRAM with Hitch's Detailing to have your vehicle's exterior properly washed and dried plus lots of other services we provide for maintaining your vehicle.

Hitch's Detailing will take care of your vehicle as if it was our own. Our customers are mostly referral based so please recommend us your friends and family and receive 20% off your next visit. (Ask management how to participate)

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