Detailing Questions & Answers


Why Is It Important To Have your Vehicle Detailed

 1. Maximize the Resale value of your Car

 2. Improve the Visibility & Safety of your Vehicle

 3. Increase the joy of owning your Vehicle 

 4. Protects your Vehicle from the Elements

 5. Paint will look extremely Glossy & Mirror like

 6. Upholstery will feel more Plush & Comfortable

 7. Significantly easier to keep the Vehicle Clean

 8. Interiors will have less Smells & Odors

 9. Prevents Trim from Fading and/or Cracking

 10. Impress those who ride in your Vehicle or see it 

Not All Car Detailing Facilities Are Equal

Using a car wash facility for your detailing needs is a bad idea. The vehicle generally don't get the detail the vehicle deserves and are not properly care for. While the price might look attractive and inexpensive. You get what you pay for.They are volume based business, their products are sub-par and the tools and equipment and techniques used may even cause more harm than good. Let Hitch's Detailing care for your vehicle and show you what a professional detailer dedicated to the trade and your vehicle can do for your vehicle.

Take Pride In Your Ride

Anyone with a water bucket, a wash mitt and a can of wax is not a "Pro Detailer" and that doesn't actually mean they know what they are doing. A true professional has a good working knowledge of the tools, pads, and products used to properly and correctly clean and polish the inside and outside of your vehicle. The fact that you are reading this and visited our website is a sign that you are interested in upkeeping the value of your vehicle and take pride in your ride.

Various Levels Of Service To Fit The Customer Needs

Hitch's Detailing has various levels of service to fit your vehicle needs and will exceed even the highest customer demands. Hitch's Detailing only uses the highest quality products,tools and equipment in the industry. Professionally trained and skilled in automotive detailing and paint restoration. We have the experience,techniques and knowledge to provide superior results and treat your vehicle as if it was our very own. 

Important To Hire Hitch's Detailing

Education, product knowledge, skilled workmanship with the best quality tools and equipment is what separates a true professional detailer from what is called a "Hack Detailer" in the car detailing industry. That is why it's important for you to hire Hitch's Detailing that actually knows what they are doing.

Why Is It Important To Hire Hitch's Detailing

Because if the detailer you hire uses inexpensive compounds and polishes or simply scratches your car in the way they wash it and dry off the water, this can ruin your car's paint job or lead to what's called, clearcoat failure. That's where a car looks like it has a bad rash because the clear layer of paint is flaking off. Here's the deal - clearcoat failure CANNOT be fixed. The only honest fix is to repaint the affected panel or repaint the entire vehicle.